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5 Smooth Stones Necklace in Brass

5 Smooth Stones Necklace in Brass

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Right now we all need courage and inspiration. 

The story of David and Goliath (1st Samuel 17) has always been a favorite of mine but one day I noticed that David actually had 5 smooth stones in a little pouch, and he used one stone to knock out Goliath. I created the 5 Smooth Stones necklace as a symbol of courage. David knocked out Goliath with one smooth stone. What "giant"--problem, fear, habit--do you need to slay? As you face your daily tasks, remember little David and be filled with courage.

Live loved.

Satin finished brass stones on sterling silver chain. Comes in a little pouch with description above. 

Includes polishing pad, and is boxed and ribboned! Gift is ready to give to someone else, or yourself!

Chain length available in 16",18", 20",  24"

Ships in 4 weeks.