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153 Necklace

153 Necklace

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I’ve always loved the story in John 21. The disciples have been out all night but haven’t caught any fish. In the morning a man appears on the shore and calls out to them, “Friends, have you any fish” To which the disciples reply, “No.” So the man tells them to cast down their net on the right side of the boat, and when they do, they pull up an enormous haul of fish, and that’s when they realize that the man who had given them the instructions was Jesus. I was always intrigued by that that this is the only place in the bible where the number of fish caught is mentioned (and there’s lots of fishing int he bible!). It seems that the disciples immediate obedience allowed them to reap a plentiful harvest of abundance and grace. How might this story figure into your life? How can you reap the abundance of153? How might you cast down the nets in your life?

Comes in a pouch and includes polishing pad, and is boxed and ribboned! Gift is ready to give to someone else, or yourself!

Length approximately  24"

Ships in 4 weeks.

With love, made to order in NYC