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Five Smooth Stones Necklace

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Right now we all need courage and inspiration. 

The story of David and Goliath (1st Samuel 17) has always been a favorite of mine and I love the fact that David had 5 smooth stones in a little pouch, and used just one stone to knock out Goliath. 

I created the 5 Smooth Stones necklace as a symbol of courage. 

David knocked out the giant Goliath with one smooth stone. 

What "giant"--problem, fear, habit--do you need to slay?

As you face your daily tasks, remember little David and be filled with courage. 

Live Loved. 

Stones vary. 

Comes with anti-tarnish pouch, polishing pad, box and ribbon.  Gift is ready to give to someone else, or yourself!

Ships in 1 week.