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Selah! Cuff in Sterling Silver

Selah! Cuff in Sterling Silver

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While the exact meaning of the word "Selah" isn't known, it's found 71 times in the Psalms (and a handful of times in Habakkuk), and is believed to indicate "a musical pause or rest." Some bible translations interpret it as "Pause and think on that."  

In this crazy world in which we live, wouldn't it benefit us to regularly stop, meditate, and consider what just happened--or, pause and think about we next say or do?

Wear this polished sterling silver S-shaped "Selah!" cuff alone, or with a scripture cuff or two. Let it be a reminder to stop, pause and think…Think about a scripture, the goodness of God, or meditate on the fact that you are LOVED, LOVED beyond measure.


Dimensions: 1" x 6"

Comes with tarnish protection pouch, polishing pad, and placed in box; ribbon added. Gift is ready to give to someone else, or yourself!

Made with love in NYC. Ships in 4 weeks.